Physical Therapy

Professional Home Care’s physical therapists work with you, your doctors, and other health care providers to design a rehabilitation plan for patients to regain motion, strength and independence with or without a walker after your illness or injury.

PHCA is owned by two Physical Therapists who understand the importance of patient first ethics. After an illness or injury, the goal of the physical therapist is to help you regain motion, strength, walk with independence, to remain safe in your own home.

Our physical therapists help patients to regain strength, balance and mobility through customized, individual plans of therapy. We spend more money in continuing education training on our physical therapy staff that anyone in the industry! We realize that this investment will help our patients achieve their specific goals.

We are proud to be part of an accelerated Joint Replacement Program Team, that enables patients to recover faster from Total Joint Replacement Surgery. We have participated in helping over 12,000 total joint replacement patients recover faster since 2001. The team is composed of your Doctor, who a week prior to your surgery meets with the hospital surgical staff, hospital rehabilitation staff, Professional Home Care staff, and outpatient physical therapy staff. Your doctor reviews your case with the entire staff and communicates your specific needs and goals.This presurgical Team meeting helps everyone involved with your care to know about your needs in the hospital, your home and through Neurosport Rehabilition outpatient clinical therapy.

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